Logo for Windows-to-the-HeartA Resonance RepatterningĀ® session with Kimberly Rex, MS quickly gets to the heart of what you need to experience positive change and new possibilities in your life. The process gets below the surface of resistance and blocks to access unconscious patterns at the core of the issues you are experiencing. Working with natural and gentle healing modalities you need to shift your resonance (where your life energy is dedicated), the process helps re-pattern your body-mind system so you resonate with your positive intentions for wellness and well-being.
Whether you need support with communicating with another, improving relationships, wanting insight, enhancing creativity, losing weight, or creating a greater sense of abundance or wellness, this process gives you insight and creates extraordinary and sustainable outcomes.
Sessions are equally as powerful in-person or by phone. Kimberly has worked with people and animals 6000 miles away with astounding and life-enhancing results. She has even stood in for others in sessions as a PROXY with the same results!