572848Internal Harmony is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals at living a healthy life.  Have you been wanting to?

Improve your eating habits
Understand your body better
Make your self-care a priority
Feel confident in choosing and preparing foods
Experience and increase in overall happiness in your life

At Internal Harmony, we look at your health from a holistic perspective. Our wellness center is a great place to start! We carry a variety of supplements and nutritional foods, with a health coach available to answer any questions.

Services include:
Colon Hydrotherapy
Far Infrared Sauna
Ionic Foot Baths
Fat Flushing Body Wraps
Health Coaching
Aroma Touch

  •  1333 Lincoln St. Ste. #2
  • Bellingham, Washington 98229
  • Website: www.internalharmonycenter.com
  • Phone: 360 734-1099
  • Email: internalharmonycenter@gmail.com

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