Cyndy-SheldonI’m here to listen and be present with you; to co-explore your concerns with you; to hold a safe and caring space for you. Whatever your symptoms are: unhappiness, worry, dissatisfaction, fear, anxiety, depression, or deep concern, they are all important. And they probably fall within the five areas that cover most every aspect of our lives: relationships, career, health, money & spirituality. I’ve added a sixth one: dealing with the unknown, the angst of not knowing what our future holds during these unusual times. I will do my utmost to help you find new ways to work with your life concerns, expand your understanding, and co-explore the intricacies of your existence with you.

 As an elder teacher and counselor, I bring with me over 50 years of experience in many forms of counseling. Gestalt work is my main approach. I was trained by the founders of Gestalt therapy, Fritz and Laura Perls, and I co-founded the original Gestalt Institute of San Francisco in the 1960s. I have had a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, Flagstaff and Sedona Arizona, and now in Bellingham, working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. In addition I’ve taught Gestalt and family therapy in both the US and in Europe for many years. Having published a few articles over the years, I just recently published my first book: Gestalt as a Way of Life: Awareness Practices, which is like a manual that might be helpful with your concerns. You are welcome to find out more on my website: and /or contact me at 360 656 6207 or at