Reference Media Inc.

Business Categories: Media and Entertainment, Shopping and Retail, Home Theater Store
Email Address:
Phone Number: (360) 714-8860
Address: 1200 Old Fairhaven Pkwy #104 Bellingham, Washington 98225
Business Description: We strive to be the local source of information in our industry and to provide our community with quality products that are long-lasting, user friendly, and priced according to our clients’ needs. Our staff has years of experience designing full home and commercial automation systems, tuning into our customers individual needs, and providing quality customer service.


Business Categories: Design, Marketing and Advertising, Media and Entertainment
Email Address:
Phone Number: 360-306-5539
Address: Bellingham, WA
Business Description: Suburban Artworks is a full service design company specializing in 3D and 2D illustration. We develop products for individuals and companies.
Demonstrations can range from realistic renderings to 3D Models and animations. Our images express the best attributes of our clients products.
We guarantee a fast turn around. Competitive prices and unparalleled personal service.
Large or small projects are welcome. We provide well laid out price expectations so there are no surprises.

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