Shrub Farm

Business Categories: Food and Beverage, Health
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Address: 1999 Iowa St, Bellingham, Washington 98229
Business Description: We infuse Washington State Apple Cider Vinegar with whole fruit in micro batches to ensure a super potent flavor extraction.
This lively raw vinegar preserve is intended for healthful cocktails, sodas & culinary treats.
We support sustainable agriculture by working with organic community farms in Maui and the Cascade foothills where we raise our family.

Iron Rooster Bakery

Business Categories: Food and Beverage, Cafe, Bakery
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Phone Number: 360-778-1994
Address: 1208 10th Street Bellingham, WA 98225
Business Description: The Iron Rooster Bakery is an artisanal kitchen located in the heart of Bellingham’s historic Fairhaven District, producing the finest hand-made pastries, croissants, cakes, and French-inspired fare. Our café supports our pastry offerings with the finest coffees and teas that we can source. We also provide delicious cooling refreshments that our kitchen produces for customers.