Northwest Hypnosis Center

Business Categories: Alternative Healing, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
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Phone Number: 360-612-0209
Address: 2219 Rimland Dr., Suite 301 Bellingham, Washington 98226
Business Description: Northwest Hypnosis Center offers compassionate care, advanced-level services and safe, modern hypnosis techniques that provide relief when everything else has failed.
Certified hypnotherapist Annie Alexander, Ph.D., CH, is nationally accredited to help you with all your issues so you can enjoy life again.
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Daimon Sweeney

Daimon-SweeneyCome Home to Your Authentic Self

A Life-Transforming Experience

A Six Month Program Beginning Sunday Feb. 22

Master a wizard’s toolbox of practical tools for self-liberation. Free yourself from limiting life patterns and unwanted feelings, while learning to live from your Authentic Self. Shift from feeling wrong, inadequate or defective to living from your unblemished, unbroken Authentic Self as your fundamental reality.

Come to the first workshop to find out what the program is, how it works, and to begin the journey. If you can’t, come to the second class March 22 and catch up online. Enroll at the link below to get the video of all the sessions that have happened. Enrollment closes March 23.

Each workshop independently is $35, or $25 each if you come with a friend. Enrollment in the whole program is only $197. That’s actually less than coming to each one, with a lot more support and a higher level of change.

Daimon Sweeney facilitates the program. He has dozens of years of experience with personal change methods and is consistently praised as a teacher. In this program he ​will be sharing cutting edge tools that work fast, are easy to use, and produce lasting results. They incorporate brain science, meridian tapping, and the wisdom traditions.

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Questions? Call Daimon Sweeney at 360-441-1195.

Afloat Float Studio

6705631Floatation tanks also known as float tanks/pods, isolation tanks and previously known as sensory deprivation chambers, help people relieve stress and chronic pain, recovery quickly from injuries and improve mental and athletic performance.

  • Dan Martin
  • 112 Ohio Street, Ste 111
  • Bellingham, WA 98225
  • Phone: 360-224-7320
  • Email:
  • Website:

One Tree Hypnotherapy

Jeanne McGeeHelping you to live a happier life through the use of hypnosis…you can work on your fears, phobias and other mental blocks that hold you back from achieving your goals, including stop smoking, help with weight loss, sports focus, study habits, etc.  I am your guide into hypnosis and help you through the process, but you are in total control.

Body Rejuvenation

I have been in the field of Holistic healing since 1993.

Vanessa HaycockI offer a spectrum of different modalities including Massage Therapy ( Deep tissue – Swedish- Injury rehab- hands on healing- Relaxation) I am a Reiki Master.

I also practice Colon Hydrotherapy and guide clients through different types of cleanses according to their needs.I offer nutritional advice and help with allergies and other imbalances such as Candida overgrowth

As an extension of my hands on healing modalities i offer Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. This 5000 year old tradition deals with healing the physical structures that we live or work in i.e our homes and offices. when these structures are inline with  the universal Quantum laws then many auspicious energies are invited into our lives. Its extraordinary.

I offer free phone consultations. Please give me a call and lets chat! 360 223 1124

  • Vanessa haycock NTs,LMP,CCHT
  • 1116 Key Street ste 109
  • Bellingham Wa 98225
  • Phone: 360 223-1124
  • Email:
  • Website:

Bellingham Family Acupuncture

I am an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist & Holistic Doula serving Bellingham and Whatcom County. I specialize in Pediatric Acupuncture, Women’s Health, prenatal & postpartum care, and fertility support. Acupuncture is a powerful tool for gaining and maintaining health, wellness and balance in your life. I am a preferred provider with most insurance companies.

Bellingham Chinese Herbs

Bellingham Chinese Herbs Logo

Acupuncture & Tui Na Massage $35 – 55+ Sliding Scale
Chinese Herbal Medicine Powder Formulas for all conditions

We offer the best quality in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at reasonable prices! We are available so you can get the help you need at a price you can afford.

Internal Harmony

572848Internal Harmony is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals at living a healthy life.  Have you been wanting to?

Improve your eating habits
Understand your body better
Make your self-care a priority
Feel confident in choosing and preparing foods
Experience and increase in overall happiness in your life

At Internal Harmony, we look at your health from a holistic perspective. Our wellness center is a great place to start! We carry a variety of supplements and nutritional foods, with a health coach available to answer any questions.

Services include:
Colon Hydrotherapy
Far Infrared Sauna
Ionic Foot Baths
Fat Flushing Body Wraps
Health Coaching
Aroma Touch

  •  1333 Lincoln St. Ste. #2
  • Bellingham, Washington 98229
  • Website:
  • Phone: 360 734-1099
  • Email:

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Ralph & Jen Havens

Ralph & Jen Havens

Ralph Havens  Physical Therapy ~ In-person, Skype, & Phone Sessions

Utilizing advanced and progressive Energy Medicine and healing modalities and technology, Ralph Havens combines his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, energy systems and more to help people transform.  He draws from his years of experience and training in Matrix Energetics, Wisdom Healing Qigong, Integrative Manual Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, Physical Therapy training and more to help people shift patterns and allow their bodies and being to transform.  What used to be a practice confined to San Diego is now available to anyone with phone or Skype access.  Ralph does sessions over phone and Skype.  For those in the city Ralph is currently residing, including Bellingham, Wa, Vancouver, BC and San Diego, Ca, in-person sessions can be scheduled.  619.840-9755

Sessions are individualized and combine Matrix Energetics, specialized Integrative Manual Therapy Techniques, Reality Creation Techniques, Wisdom Healing QiGong and personalized home programs to help people whose ultimate goal is complete whole body health, recovery and transformation.  Ralph took his love of Running and desire to help others to create a space to enable  clients to regain their health and pursue their passions.

Ralph Havens offers these advanced holistic services, in a one-on-one individualized basis.  Over the years, we have helped thousands of people recover from surgery or injury, chronic pains, manage stress, plan individualized independent home exercise programs and reach optimal health, and help them transform their lives.  We strive to increase our client’s quality of life and get them back to their optimum level of function as soon as possible.

Give us a call and start on your path of wellness as soon as the same day!

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Windows to the Heart Repatterning

Logo for Windows-to-the-HeartA Resonance Repatterning® session with Kimberly Rex, MS quickly gets to the heart of what you need to experience positive change and new possibilities in your life. The process gets below the surface of resistance and blocks to access unconscious patterns at the core of the issues you are experiencing. Working with natural and gentle healing modalities you need to shift your resonance (where your life energy is dedicated), the process helps re-pattern your body-mind system so you resonate with your positive intentions for wellness and well-being.
Whether you need support with communicating with another, improving relationships, wanting insight, enhancing creativity, losing weight, or creating a greater sense of abundance or wellness, this process gives you insight and creates extraordinary and sustainable outcomes.
Sessions are equally as powerful in-person or by phone. Kimberly has worked with people and animals 6000 miles away with astounding and life-enhancing results. She has even stood in for others in sessions as a PROXY with the same results!