I have been in the field of Holistic healing since 1993.

Vanessa HaycockI offer a spectrum of different modalities including Massage Therapy ( Deep tissue – Swedish- Injury rehab- hands on healing- Relaxation) I am a Reiki Master.

I also practice Colon Hydrotherapy and guide clients through different types of cleanses according to their needs.I offer nutritional advice and help with allergies and other imbalances such as Candida overgrowth

As an extension of my hands on healing modalities i offer Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. This 5000 year old tradition deals with healing the physical structures that we live or work in i.e our homes and offices. when these structures are inline with  the universal Quantum laws then many auspicious energies are invited into our lives. Its extraordinary.

I offer free phone consultations. Please give me a call and lets chat! 360 223 1124

  • Vanessa haycock NTs,LMP,CCHT
  • 1116 Key Street ste 109
  • Bellingham Wa 98225
  • Phone: 360 223-1124
  • Email: Vanessahaycock45@gmail.com
  • Website: www.BodyRejuvenationWa.com

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