Mt Shuksan Reflected in Picture Lake ~ Curt Remington

Mt Shuksan Reflected in Picture Lake ~ Curt Remington

As the founder of Shuksan Web, a web design and internet marketing business, I brainstormed on names for our new business. Bellingham Web was the other strong contender, so I picked up the domain bellinghamweb.net. I decided that it seemed a bit geographically limiting for a business that might get website requests from anywhere.

Naming our business after Mt Shuksan also held strong appeal for me. As a teen, living in Minnesota, a mural of Mt Shuksan covered my wall. At the time, I didn’t know where it was, but I dreamt of living in such a beautiful place. Now, as a Bellingham area resident, one of my favorite pastimes is hiking in the vicinity of Mt Shuksan and Mt Baker.

Shuksan is a Lummi word, which is reported to mean “high peak.” That seemed very appropriate for our goal, of “helping your business reach new heights.”

It’s not just the natural resources that make Bellingham and Whatcom County special. There’s a real sense of community, with people that care about one another and about the beautiful place in which we live. Many of these people have small businesses that they would like to get found. With that goal in mind, I decided to build a directory website to help those business owners do just that.

If you’re one of those Bellingham/Whatcom County business owners, I encourage you to get your business listed in this directory. If you’d like more extensive exposure on the internet, please visit us on Shuksan Web or email me at curtremington@shuksanweb.com.

Curt Remington